Taking a pregnancy test or suspecting to be pregnant are two things that come to the mind of any woman in her prime that misses her menstrual cycle timing.

When the time is approaching, it is usually a double-feeling moment, as missing the flow comes with lots of other implications, and seeing the flow triggers pain and some difficulties in some women.

Apart from pregnancy, diseases like infections can lead to delayed menstrual flow. Missing the monthly flow and having symptoms such as headaches, breast tenderness, added weight or weight loss, fatigue, vomiting, etc, are clear indications of pregnancy.

However, to be sure of what it is, it is expected for such women to take a pregnancy test to confirm and be sure. Interestingly, the home pregnancy test (HPT) is the cheapest option and very accessible to everyone.

It is advised that women even after running the HPT should also submit themselves to the hospital for further scrutiny. The target of every pregnancy test is to find out a special hormone found in the blood or urine.

This hormone is only seen in the blood or urine when a woman is pregnant. This hormone is known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is formed when a fertilized egg is installed in the uterus and keeps spreading with each passing day.


Missing your period is not a guarantee of being pregnant, there could be other causes. Medical experts advise that women who miss their periods should wait for at least one week before conducting a pregnancy test. Huh? Did I read that correctly? Yes! You did, one week I said.

This is so important because it will enable you to get an accurate result than rushing to conduct a test. After unprotected intercourse, the body needs about one to two weeks to be able to make hCG detectable.

  1. When you feel breast hurt: when pregnancy occurs, the body system starts producing of plenty progesterone as well as estrogen. Both hormones work together to produce changes that are noticeable in the body. The breasts at this stage are likely to start growing bigger as a result of mass blood flow. The nipples may likely start to hurt seriously and the veins will appear darker. Although some women experience before, during, and after the menstrual flow, it is important women pay attention to this pain especially when they are not on their periods.
  1. When you notice changes: women are advised to study their body system. This will help them to understand when there is a change triggered by things such as pregnancy. Other changes may include; food aversions, nausea, exhaustion, constant urination, etc.
  2. When you miss your period: no doubt, missing your period is one of the signs of pregnancy. When a woman can’t track her menstrual cycle days, it is usually difficult to identify if you have actually missed it or if the time is yet to arrive.
  1. When you notice cramps: this is very important to note that pregnancy can come with the same cramp sign as a period. When you notice this cramp, bear in mind that pregnancy may be knocking.
  1. When contraceptives fail: the contraceptive medication can go a long way but this doesn’t give 100% protection. So, notwithstanding you have taken the medication as prescribed, it is important you conduct a pregnancy test after a week to be on the safer side.        


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