When it comes to making out these days, couples have been asking lots of questions, one of which does saliva kill sperm.

Lovers now try so many things with the aim to stimulate and satisfy their partners. While some engage in the use of tools such as vibrators, dildos, etc in order to make their partners feel the intensity of making out.

Others engage in oral stimulation using the mouth, lips, or even the teeth. According to health professionals, oral sex when done appropriately helps in more mutual connections between the two parties.

This is because, for instance, while stroking with the male organ, it goes all the way in while the clit that suppose to be stimulated is found on the outer layer.

The use of the tongue focuses on the outer part of the clit which gives the receiver a deeper run and more essence to squirt all the way out.

Notwithstanding the position of the medical experts, the religious body has condemned in its entirety oral sex practice.

Not because it’s not hygienic, but the spiritual implications. Partners should engage in whatever practice that gives them the deeper connection they want and satisfaction from intercourse.

In this article, our experts are trying to answer the question does saliva kill sperm? It is important to note that before now, there has been so much confusion when it comes to answering this type of question.

While some support that it does affect, others opine that saliva does not in any way affect the quality of sperm.


Does Oral Sex Before Intercourse Affect Sperm?

Couples who are looking forward to having babies may do every other thing right like eating fruits, checkups, exercise, etc, and yet not become pregnant. Could it be the pre-intercourse oral sex?

According to, it has been established that saliva sperm speculation is not just a myth. Saliva has some negative impacts on sperm movement and mortality.

Couples seeking to conceive are advised not to use saliva as a form of lubricant during sex. This by now is clear on what couples are expected to do.

Different researches are ongoing in terms of whether or not the saliva affects the sperm quality, to be on the safer side, expectant parents are advised to abstain from oral sex total.

You don’t have to use your relationship or marriage to conduct practical on things that can work or not.


How long can sperm last in saliva?: the sperm can stay a bit longer period of time in the saliva, for instance; 24 hours. But, this doesn’t imply that the sperm quality will be intact. The more it stays there, the lower the sperm quality gets.

Can a woman get pregnant from saliva?: this is not possible. Stimulating the vagina with the tongue, mixed with saliva, does not lead to pregnancy. Even when a woman swallows the sperm, it does not in anywhere lead to pregnancy. Sperm from ejaculation or pre-ejaculation must get through the vagina for pregnancy to occur.

What happens when sperm is mixed with saliva?: when this is done, spermicidal activities are said to occur. Saliva mixing with sperm reduces the quality of spermatozoa by 12 %.

Can I use saliva as a lubricant?: over the years, this has been the traditional lubricant. But, it may interest you to know that saliva is not in any way a lubricant, as it makes the vagina susceptible to some yeast infections, bacterial, and other STIs.


In as much as we are looking for ways to have much fun, it is expected to minimize risk. As it stands now, there is no scientifically proven answer as to whether saliva damages sperm or not. You have to trade with caution if you are expectant parents.


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