Malaria tablets boots is one of the proven ways to help eradicate the medical condition known was malaria. Malaria is no doubt a disease which has led to the demise of lots of millions of people across the globe.

This disease is caused by a plasmodium parasite that affect a typical mosquito  and in turn transfer it to humans through bites. Mosquitos with this parasite are usually the female ones and are known to be found mostly in residential homes.

Malaria can be classified into three; uncomplicated malaria, severe malaria, and cerebral malaria. The disease can be fatal, depending on its level. The cerebral type is known to be very deadly.


The disease comes with somewhat complicated signs and symptoms. Complicated in the sense that it can start with symptoms that are similar to other medical conditions. For example, a young lady who is noticing early signs of malaria can start vomiting, and may be assumed to be pregnant. Malaria symptoms include the following;











After decades of research and efforts towards finding a vaccine that may cure malaria, it is still effort in progress. Also, there are other measures that can help man to stay away from the dangerous disease.

•Antimalaria medication: There are medications that have been identified to help individuals in malaria prevention and treatments. However, these medications can’t give a 100% preventative stance. Travelers are advised to always make researches about a country they are entering to be sure if they will need medications before entering. These medications can be gotten through the malaria tablets boots around you. 

•Mosquito nets: For individuals who live in countries where malaria is prevalent e.g., countries in Africa, are warned to also sleep under treated mosquito nets. This is one of the surest means of preventing malaria.

•Always wear clothes that cover your body parts.

•Stay in air conditioned room.

•Always remind yourself of all the symptoms of malaria, with this, you can figure out when the disease is coming.

•If you don’t understand all the symptoms, you can discuss how you feel each time with your pharmacist for malaria tablets boots when necessary.

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